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Roo B

2020 | Uni Work | Ui Design, Branding, Marketing, User Testing, Prototyping, Naming.

Tablet with a productivity app on it showing the diary function of the app

Design Process

Having short-term memory loss, I use productivity apps regularly and my biggest problem is that I have to use multiple apps in order to cover all the features that I use. Having short-term memory loss means I struggle trying to remember what app I've stored certain information in. My solution to this was Roo B.


Roo B is a cross-platform bullet journaling app that allows the user to stay productive and practice mindfulness on the go. Just like a traditional bullet journal, Roo B provides a flexible workspace so that you can customize not only the layout but also the colours, type, and more.


With the built in store, you’re able to purchase stickers and theme packs from artists all over the globe to make your journal one of a kind. Roo B combines all your needs into the one app, ready to go when you need it.

Project Details

Client: Roo B 
Description: Productivity App
Key Messages: To help organise neurodivergent brains.
Skills: App Design, Branding, Illustration

Tablet with productivity app Roo B on it showing the notebook feature
Tablet showing Roo B's shop function
A poster with 4 mobile phones tiled with screens showing the different features of the app. With the words a cross-platform bullet journaling app, promoting productivtiy, mindfulness and individuality.
Poster with a white grid background and red illustrated kanagroo sitting amongst a bush on a phone with the words go further with digital written under the kangaroo
Phone split in two. One side is the app and the other side shows a notebook with a dotted line splitting the screen with the words go further with digital under it.
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