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I'm Libby Arnold


I'm based in Newcastle, Australia helping my clients brand shine in a sea of businesses. 

I've been studying and perfecting my skills for over 4 years whilst running Adlib Creative on the side. With Uni finished i've decided to put all my spare energy into making other peoples brands sing. 

I didn't always want to be a graphic designer, when I was in highschool I was adamant that I would be a primary school teacher. But when I discovered the world of design I was hooked! 

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I started my design journey back in 2015 with a diploma of graphic design from TAFE and worked as an in house graphic designer for an independent toy store, for about a year and a bit before jumping into uni. 

Growing up I didn't have a lot but one thing that I had an abundance of was creativity. When anything broke or stopped working our family motto was What Would Macgyver Do? and with a bit of duct tape it was as good as new. 

I love helping out the "little guy" and making sure that small businesses have the same opportunities that larger companies get, by using my skills in design. Inclusivity and affordability is something that i'm passionate about, as I want to ensure that others can access websites, information etc with ease.​ I believe that everyone deserves a chance.