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Resume Recuperation

2021 | Client Work | Ui Design, Branding, Business Cards

Resume Recuperation - Site.png

Resume Recuperation Design Process

Morgan from Resume Recuperation came to me with a new project. She was starting up a resume and cover letter writing business to help young people get job-ready. Also offering resume and cover letter templates so job seekers can add their own personalities to their applications, the brand needed to be versatile enough to be loved by any industry. 

Pulling from the idea of building blocks, support, and growth, the Resume Recuperation logo is a simple, modern, and friendly logo that lends itself to becoming a frame to show different industries. 

A playful font was chosen to balance the professional, modern feel Morgan was after whilst remaining gender-neutral. The simplicity of the website layout paired with photos and small icons aids in the accessibility of the site. 

Project Details

Client: Resume Recuperation
Description: Resume and Cover Letter writing 
Key Messages: To help young people get job-ready with tailored resumes/ cover letters
Type: New Business
Skills: Web Design, Branding, Stationary


Resume Recuperation Logo (1).png
Resume Recuperation mockup.png

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