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Watershed Counselling

2020 | Client Work | Visual Identity, Business Card, Website


Design Process

Watershed Counselling is a local psychologist based in the Maitland area offering therapy, marriage counseling, and teen support for men aged between 17 - 25. They work closely with their clients to tackle their issues and provide support throughout their journey. Simona came to me wanting a brand that would speak to young men and encourage them to see a therapist.

We wanted to go with a simple layout and brandmark to appeal to the younger male audience. The use of bold fonts was utilised as they were similar to other brands that the audience engaged with and I felt that it would create a connection for them.

Project Details

Client: Watershed Counselling
Description: Psychologist
Key Messages: To show young men that seeing a psychologist isn't bad
Skills: Website Design, Branding


The use of the hands holding each other represents the mate-ship that young men value as well as the partnership they build when working with Watershed Counselling. 

The bold colours not only represent the Australian outback but are common colours used with the trade industries and again appeal to the male audience and create a welcoming, friendly environment. 

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