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2020 | Client Work | Web Design 

A computer with a website displayed on it showing a black woman doing yoga in her bedroom with the text we're on a mission to make yoga a mindfullness fun and accessible to all next to her

Design Process

Akika runs Kind Ivy, a yoga and wellness business that runs online from her apartment in New Zealand. She wanted to create a website where her customers could come and book a session and learn more about the benefits of yoga. Just like yoga, Akika wanted the website to be effortless and easy to navigate. Using elements from different sites that aligned with what Akika wanted, I was able to create a fun, minimal website for her growing business. 

Project Details

Client: Kind Ivy Family
Description: Yoga studio
Key Messages: To make yoga and mindfulness fun and accessible. 
Skills: Website Design

Computer with Kind Ivy's website on it showing Akika, a black woman wearing white triangle sunglasses in front of an orange background. On the left side of the screen is text explaining who Akika is
Akika's website displayed on a computer showing the shop feature of her website. The site is clean with lots of negative space

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